How Much Does it Cost to Advertise in a Newspaper?

Newspaper advertisements are the most cost effective way to reach different age group people. Newspaper advertising is the most old and traditional way in the industry of advertising. It can target specific geographic regions that are traditionally more difficult to reach through other mediums of advertising. Newspapers are the first choice for the 50 plus or older generation and semi educated class who are not so exposed to social media and the internet.

Newspaper Advertising Cost

Advertisement cost in newspapers depends on various factors like, advertisement size, insertion, enhancement applied, edition, category, page preference, circulation, readership etc.

  • Ad Size: When you look at a paper, you will see it is divided into columns. Your newspaper ads are sized according to a very set formula: a certain number of columns wide and a certain number of inches long. Multiplying the two numbers together will give you the number of “column inches” of your ad, which determines the ad’s cost. 

If it is a normal classified text ad which runs in standard text format. It will be charged by either character, word or lines. 

For example, Anandabazar patrika and Times of India are charged by per character and line respectively. Payment of 10 words is base rate To publish an classified text ad in  Malayala manorama.

 If it is classified display then it will be charged on the basis of per sqcm. Cost will be little higher  because it is more visually appealing than classified text ads. Here one can add a customized font, logo or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers. Display ads are the most extravagant form of advertising in newspapers. It is also charged per sqcm. Display ads can be published on any page and can occupy any amount of space in a specific newspaper page. 

Newspaper Advertisement
  • Insertion: Ad cost depends on another factor which is insertion, i.e; how many times you want to publish your ad in the paper which resembles frequency of your advertisement. It is always not necessary that a one-time published ad will be more cost effective than a multiple insertion ad because releaseMyAd provides an enormous number of packages, discounts and offers depending on the terms and condition of the ad booking.

For example, releaseMyAd provides Book 2 Get 2 Free and Book 3 Get 3 Free offers for one of the Times of India matrimonial packages.

  • Enhancements: Applying  enhancements in your advertisement will cost you little extra though it is the best possible way to grab readers attention towards a particular ad. There are various kinds of enhancements applicable in various newspapers like Color, image, logo, language translation, bold, underline etc. These enhancements have a way of popping and drawing the reader’s eye to the advertisement, so you usually get what you pay for. 

Eg; Colour and tick charges are 20% and 12% respectively of your ad cost for Times of India in releaseMyAd.

  • Page preference: It is actually applicable in case of display ads. It goes without saying that the first page ad will be costliest than an ad published in any other page. There are different sizes in respect of page, i.e; Full page, half page, quarter page erc.
  • Circulation: Circulation is a count of how many copies of a particular publication are distributed. Circulation is one of the principal factors used to set advertising rates.

For example, a Times of India, recruitment 5 liner ad for Delhi will cost you RS 5000/- plus GST.

  • Edition/ Category: In a particular newspaper ad rate can vary according to, in which edition, i.e; geographic area or place and under which category, for eg; matrimony, recruitment or business, the ad is getting published. 

Eg; a 10 word Malayala Manorama business ad for Kochi with underline enhancement will be charged Rs 1470/-+ 15% of the ad cost for underline +5% GST= 1776/-.

  • Readership: Readership is an estimate of how many readers a publication has. More readership. Dainik Jagran leading the list of readership with 20.258 million readership rate in India.The more readership rate of a newspaper, cost will be more higher of publishing an ad in that particular paper.

Eg, an Display 4X4 obituary ad for Dainik Jagran Delhi will cost you 300/ sq cm plus 5% GST.

Still worried about getting rates and booking procedures for your newspaper ads? There was a time when advertisements were booked by going to the newspaper office personally and manually filling up the form, waiting in the queue and rushing on deadlines. Now in the era of the internet you can book any advertisement in your preferred newspaper online in a few minutes. When it comes to online advertising, from booking procedure to getting rate and payment, for everything your one stop solution is releaseMyAd, which is the number one online advertisement booking platform. For booking information you can call or chat with our extremely helpful customer care executives who are always ready to assist you regarding your every little query. You can make payment by any of the online transaction systems like debit card/credit card or net banking after completion of ad booking. While booking with releaseMyAd one can check the status of their advertisement with their unique ad id number. To know a bit better about newspaper ad booking call at our helpline number 9830629298 or write us to

How Much Should You Be Spending on Newspaper Ads?

Newspaper advertising can be an expense or an investment. No matter how you see it. one cannot deny its importance in a businesses marketing campaign is crucial.

Now the question arises what is the right amount to be invested in a newspaper advertisement.

Honestly, there is no right answer. It rather depends on a lot of factors regarding your advertisement.

Analyzing these factors you can determine how much amount will be a worth it amount to be invested in your newspaper ad.

Type Of Ad

Ads in newspapers

Is it a commercial ad or a personal one? Are you giving it sell, hire, promote or simply fulfil a formality? Asking these questions already gives you a clear vision of your spendings. Suppose you are launching a new product on the market and want to attract new customers. You have to do newspaper ads on a regular interval, publishing a single will not get the job done. You want to attract the reader’s attention. But giving a display ad is too costly for regular advertising yet classified text won’t be attracting much attention. So you choose a classified display which allows you to attract more reader attention with a colourful picture and also costs you less than a display allowing to advertise more than one time in regular intervals.

But suppose you have changed your name and are asked to give a name change ad in a local newspaper by the court for formality. If you go for a display it will be a waste, a simple classified text ad will be the right investment.

Target Audience

What type of audience are you trying to showcase your ad to? Youth? People from a specific region? Or on a national crowd?

Depending on that you can choose whether to give an ad in Times of India or Maharashtra times. Even though it costs different and publishing an ad in one is costlier than the other. Selecting the newspaper which will rather get the job done i.e. exposing your ad to the target audience is more important. Even if it is the cheaper option.


Newspaper Ad Rates

Advertising is important but it is a part of marketing and promotion not beyond it. Gaining new customers, recruits or buyers is important but only when your budget allows. Knowing the amount till which you would like to invest in advertising is important before you start thinking about any other factor of newspaper advertising.knowing the budget beforehand shows you the clear picture and options in which kind of newspaper advertising you can consider giving.

As they spend too much on is not important rather spending wisely is key to successful advertising! Do get negotiable rates on your next newspaper advertisement Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.

Know the newspaper advertising rates from the leading advertising agency releaseMyAd!

Newspaper advertising is one of the most primary forms of advertising that has been around longer than any other form. Being the most traditional medium, it is the first preference of every advertiser. The reason behind this is pretty simple as they provide extensive reach and economical rates. The cost of advertising in newspapers is comparatively lower than in any other advertising medium. It is the most cost effective way to reach out one’s target audience.

Newspaper advertisements tend to serve several purposes like delivering personal messages, promotion, selling, issuing public notifications and so on. The newspapers are not just a medium of news and information but it provides a platform for the advertiser to communicate directly with the target readers.  It is a platform which is meant to help individuals or businesses who are not known to each other but intend to communicate with each other for business or personal purposes.

In any Indian newspapers, advertisers can book ads under different categories which include matrimonial, recruitment, property, business, announcements, obituary, Public Notice, court and marriage notices, services, travel and computers.  It is very important to book your ads under proper categories as this will help your readers to find your ads easily among the clutter. Assigning your ad content under proper category not only increases your visibility but it helps you to get relevant responses.  

When it comes to advertising in the newspapers, the primary question that concerns any advertiser is ‘how much will be the cost of newspaper advertisement?’. This is quite common because everyone works on a particular budget and they target to achieve their marketing goals within that specific amount. releaseMyAd understands the requirement of every advertiser which is why we provide rates in different ranges to allow anyone advertise comfortably in their preferred newspaper.

So if you are planning to book ads in newspapers then releaseMyAd is there to help you. Through our ad booking portal, you can book your ads in just a few minutes in your preferred Newspapers. Not only that you can compare the ad rates but you can also check the newspaper advertising rates for placing your ad. Over the years releaseMyAd has served many clients successfully because of their profound knowledge of the recent market trends. releaseMyAd, the largest online ad booking platform is authorised by INS, the main governing council of media publications. The publication house sends us direct ad rates without any extra commission charge. Also, you will get the best opinion from our media experts to earn a high ROI from your ad campaign.

 releaseMyAd Ad booking process: Our ad booking process is very easy; it will take only a few minutes to book your ad. So follow these three steps below:

  • Select Ad Type, Newspaper & Location: Select Classified Text or Classified Display Ad or Display as per your requirement. Choose your preferred newspaper, location and category.
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  • Select Date & Make Payment: Select the release date/s and review the booking details.  Once you finalise that proceed to make payment by any online/offline modes to confirm your booking.

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