Find the Perfect Partner Though Matrimonial Ads In Malayala Manorama at the Cheapest Rates!

Are you searching for the perfect partner? Then advertise in Malayala Manorama as it is the best advertising platform out there! It is the second oldest newspaper in the South and has a circulation of over 2.4 million copies according to the Audit Bureau of circulation. It is the third largest circulating newspaper in India and has more than 20 million readers.

You just have to follow 4 simple steps to book matrimonial ads in Malayala Manorama-

Malayala Manorama Matrimonial Ads
  1. Visit releaseMyAd and begin your ad booking process by selecting the newspaper as Malayala Manorama and category as Matrimonial. Select your preferred Ad Format- Classified Text or Classified Display format. Classified Text ads in Malayala Manorama just contain text whereas Classified Display ads appear in smaller width sizes in the classified columns. It is best to book your ad two days prior to the release date to ensure a smooth booking process.
  2. The next important step is to select from a range of discounted packages and combo offers-
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  1. Thereafter, you will be directed to the ‘Compose Ad’ page where you have to select your preferred sub-category and preferences of your choice. Compose your ad by filling in all the relevant details like physical traits, qualifications, personal information, economic and family background you are looking for in your prospective match in the ad content. Do not forget to mention your own educational & professional background along with the contact info or the entire purpose of the ad will become redundant. You can also upload your own designed advertisement in case of classified display. releaseMyAd also has a live chat option where you can ask questions and experts will clarify your doubts instantly. 
  2. Finally select the date you want to publish your ad on. Make payments via Credit/Debit Cards or Internet Banking to confirm your booking. On completion of payment you will receive a mail with all the details of your ad. This is the easiest method of booking matrimonial ads in Malayala Manorama.

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Let Malayala Manorama help you find your perfect partner!

Malayala Manorama was founded in March 1890 as a Malayalam weekly by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai. In its more than a century of publication, Malayala Manorama has grown to become one of the most widely read regional language newspapers in India. The newspaper is based in Kottayam and has over 2.3 million copies in circulation on average every day, being read by more than 20 million people both in India and abroad. 

The newspaper is hugely popular among Malayalam speakers and is the largest circulating newspaper in Kerala. As a matter of fact, Malayala Manorama is the third largest circulating newspaper in India, and the fourteenth largest circulating newspaper in the world!

Malayala Manorama is published from 19 locations in total, including 3 in the Middle East, namely Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Manama in Bahrain and Doha in Qatar.

Malayala Manorama Matrimonial Ads

As the most widely read Malayalam language newspaper in the country, Malayala Manorama is a preferred choice among Malayalam speakers who want to keep themselves updated with the latest news from Kerala, the rest of India and around the world. The newspaper is widely hailed as a reliable, authentic and comprehensive source of information and has earned immense prestige over the years. Its high standards of journalism and reporting have made it one of the most respected news publications in the country.

In addition to the latest news from within the country and beyond our borders, Malayala Manorama offers a vast selection of content spanning a diverse range of topics such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, astrology, technology, music and travel. This wide variety of content makes it a newspaper that has something for every taste and preference. 

This also makes Malayala Manorama an excellent choice for booking matrimonial ads. Being a newspaper that has such a wide reach, and a cosmopolitan audience, finding the perfect bride or groom will no longer be a hassle! 

Marriage is an institution that is enshrined in Indian culture. It is viewed as one of the most important events in a person’s life that marks the beginning of a new chapter where the bride and groom begin their life together as a couple. A Malayala Manorama matrimonial ad will go a long way in simplifying your search for the perfect partner. 

In Indian culture, a marriage signifies not just the coming together of the bride and groom, but a union of their respective families as well. Therefore, families place great emphasis on finding the most suitable partner for their children. 

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What are the benefits of publishing a Matrimonial ad in Malayala Manorama versus registering on

Newspaper advertising is one of the best and time tested methods of finding a match. For generations, people have been placing matrimonial advertisements in newspaper columns to find a suitable bride or groom. Malayala Manorama is such a newspaper which is trusted in the state of Kerala for more than 100 years now and since its inception, it has published matrimonial ads which have brought together families.

Malayala Manorama is an integral part of the daily life of a Malayali from the region of Kerala and it has a daily circulation of over 23 lakhs. It is one of the best platforms to advertise for a wanted bride or a wanted groom advertisement as it reaches out to every section of the society and every nook and corner of the state and even outside. Whereas, the tech-savvy, web-friendly generation of today is more inclined towards registering on matrimonial sites like but publishing a matrimonial ad in Malayala Manorama to find a perfect match has its own benefits.

Kerala Matrimony

Earlier, for background checking and finding the best match, concerned Malayali parents used to hire matchmakers who acted as a middle man. Publishing a matrimonial advertisement in Malayala Manorama provided the opportunity to do away with matchmakers and parents could themselves look and find the best life partner for their son or daughter. With the advent of the online matrimonial websites like, finding the ideal partner has been taken over by the internet. Publishing a Manorama classified matrimonial allows the parents and guardians to carefully speak and verify the family and other background details of the prospective bride or groom.

Whereas, does not have any geographical boundary and anyone and everyone throughout the world can see the profile and easily connect and communicate using the online chat service, publishing a matrimonial classified ad in Malayala Manorama the advertiser can narrow down on the locations from where he/she wishes to find a match. This reduces spam and unnecessary communication.

Encountering fake profiles is a problem with all matrimonial sites including People with dubious intentions can create misleading profiles with false claims which the user can fall prey to. Publishing a matrimonial advertisement in Malayala Manorama is fake proof as the advertiser can cross-check himself or herself regarding the person who contacts after the ad gets released. Malayala Manorama also requires photo ID proof of the advertiser so that he or she can be tracked down in case of fraudulent activities.

Manorama Matrimonial Ad

Some people register on matrimonial websites just for the purpose of dating and are not serious about marriages. Anyone can be a member of and create a profile. Registering as a paid user is optional. Therefore, many individuals can join without any intention of wedding and waste time for dating purposes. There is no such problem with a matrimonial ad published in Malayala Manorama. Every advertiser who publishes an ad is genuine and is serious about getting married.

As the algorithm of any search engine is based on search protocols and keywords, in any matrimonial site including, match search results show up based on the preferences mentioned by the user. In case any preference has been missed out while creating the profile, the user might miss out his/ her soul mate. Publishing a matrimonial ad by choosing the correct edition of Malayala Manorama and opting for the correct category and sub-category, there is no such chance of missing out. Audiences interested in matrimonial ads will reach out to the correct classified column of the matrimonial page and connect with the preferred advertiser.

Privacy is another concern with or other such matrimony sites. Personal information going online can be disadvantageous sometimes. User’s personal details such as an address, location, salary details can be compromised. A classified matrimonial ad does not require such details to be printed and therefore publishing an advertisement in Malayala Manorama is a better option for securing the privacy of an individual.

To conclude, matrimonial websites like has brought the community together and has helped connect with all but when the question of genuine matchmaking comes up, publishing a classified matrimony ad in Malayala Manorama is still a better option as the newspaper reaches out to the entire society and all age group including the generation which is not yet net-savvy. Advertisers just require choosing the proper location they want to focus and reach out to the preferred caste, community and religion by selecting the correct ad category. 

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