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In simple terms, a foundry is a factory in which metal castings are produced. To achieve this, metals are cast into various shapes after having melted them into a liquid and then pouring the molten metal into a mold. Aluminium and cast iron are the most commonly used metals in a foundry. Other metals and their alloys too, such as magnesium, zinc, brass, bronze and steel, are also utilised in the productions of castings in such establishments. Through the process of casting, metal parts of diverse shapes and sizes are made. 

One of the most fascinating facts about foundries is that they are one of the largest contributors to the recycling of manufactured goods. Metals and alloys that are extracted from the melting and recasting processes in foundries from the vast amounts of scrap metal that is collected is very useful in the production of durable goods.   

The foundries of today are highly mechanised, and are fully equipped with all the machines, tools and installations  – all arranged in a predesigned layout to ensure efficient performance – that include functions such as core making, casting as well as molding. The types of machinery that foundries are outfitted with or utilize include large sized melting furnaces, ladles, cranes, forklift trucks, conveyor belts, transfer vessels and many others. All these machines and equipment are specially designed in order to withstand the high heat in foundries and function effectively under such conditions. 

Foundry Manager Ads in Newspaper

The foundry manager is the person who is responsible to make sure that all the operations at the foundry are performed efficiently and effectively. It is the role of the foundry manager to ensure that the production output of the foundry is in compliance with the requirements of the company and stipulated quality standards, as well as within the budgets set for labour and materials. 

The foundry manager also identifies areas where methods, practices and procedures could be improved, and works closely with the general manager with the purpose of satisfactorily implementing the changes wherever necessary and/or possible. 

In addition to the above, it is also the duty of the foundry manager to ensure that all the health and safety regulations are adhered to, and must check that the organisation has its own protocols for safety in and around the foundry. 

The tasks that a foundry manager performs are various and multifaceted. The foundry manager also coordinates with technicians regarding maintenance procedures as well as routine checks to keep a check on the proper functioning of foundry machinery and equipment. 

A good foundry manager should ideally have a background in industrial management, and a background in engineering – specifically industrial engineering – will give them an edge. He must have excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills and must be able to work under pressure.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it has become easier than ever to hire foundry managers. People seeking work in this field are able to find work through online job portals, through professional social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), as well as job registries. Many also rely on personal and professional contacts. 

However, in India, the one recruitment channel that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. A recruitment advertisement in a newspaper is widely believed to be authentic and respectable. This is because of the stature that printed media – especially newspapers – enjoys in India. Newspapers are regarded as reliable and authentic sources of information, so if you are looking to hire a foundry manager, book a recruitment ad today!

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A typical ad for a foundry manager would look like this:

“Required foundry manager for PVG Metals Ltd., Howrah. Must have background in industrial management. Engineering background preferred. Attractive salary. Send CV to”

Are you looking for a fashion designer? Book a recruitment advertisement!

Fashion design refers to the art and the practice of applying the concepts of design, aesthetics and natural beauty in the creation of clothing as well as accessories. Fashion design is influenced by culture as well as different trends, and differs from place to place and from time to time. 

A fashion designer is a person who creates items of clothing, which includes dresses, shirts, suits, pants, skirts and more, such as accessories like shoes, ties, hats and even jewellery. The responsibilities and duties of fashion designers are numerous and multifaceted. They are responsible for creating looks for individual pieces of clothing, regarding aspects ranging from colour to size to shape as well as fabric, design, trimming, adornments and more. 

There is little doubt that fashion designers are the people who play a huge role in the evolution of contemporary clothing and attire. They observe fashion trends in order to predict designs for people, namely the consumers. A popular misconception about fashion designers and their field is that all they do is make clothes as they desire. This is not true, as fashion designers need to conduct extensive research before even starting the design process. They need to understand the tastes, preferences and aesthetic choices of the audience they wish to design clothes for. Fashion designers take the time to understand and interpret the choices of the consumers when designing garments for them. That being said, fashion designers, through their visions, imaginations and creative talent as well as the way they express themselves through their creations, are able to influence society and the general public’s perceptions of beauty and fashion. 

Along with the above, fashion designers have several other duties too, such as selecting a theme for designs and the collections they create, utilising computer-aided design tools and programs as necessary, choosing fabrics, colours and designs that best match the kind of clothing item being made and more. They also participate in fashion shows with their creations, discuss and coordinate the implementation of the designs with managers or directors and even manage the production of the pieces they create. 

Hire Fashion Designer ads in newspaper

Fashion designers work towards designing clothes that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, and they work with a wide range of materials and fabric, experimenting with different colours, designs, patterns and styles. 

Fashion designers with a vision and a keen eye for the most outstanding designs are in great demand today. People who seek to make their careers in fashion design pursue a degree course in fashion design from specialised institutes. Upon graduating, they either join a company, a fashion house or a consultancy firm, among others. They are either recruited through campus recruitment drives, or they search for the most suitable job openings on online job portals, or through professional social networking sites, such as LinkedIn.

Others find work opportunities through personal connections, as well as the contacts of friends and family members, while there is still a large number of people who find opportunities through newspaper advertisements. 

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A typical ad for a fashion designer would look like this:

“Needed fashion design graduates for Elan Design, Kolkata. Salary negotiable. Send CV to”

Are you looking to hire a delivery person? Book a recruitment ad today!

Most people assume that the job role of a delivery person involves just driving and delivering packages. In reality, however, the job is more complex and demanding. 

The people who do deliveries are also referred to as couriers, delivery drivers, delivery executives, delivery partners and a host of other names. All the same, they are the people thanks to whom we receive our packages in time and in good condition. They are not merely transporters of goods, but are performers of the role of a caretaker as well. This is because they have to ensure that the packages are delivered undamaged and in perfectly usable condition. 

Delivery persons are an integral and indispensable part of any business that provides delivery services. These are the people who form the backbone of such organisations as without them the business would not be able to run. 

A delivery person’s job role extends to safely delivering items to customers, documents, packages and other items while also carefully handling the company’s money and upholding its brand reputation. 

To be able to discharge their duties safely and successfully, a delivery person needs to have good driving skills, be an excellent communicator, and must be physically fit as sometimes it may be necessary to lift and transport bulky goods. Along with these qualities, a delivery person needs to have a good sense of direction, navigation skills as well as organisational and coordination skills, since just obediently following the rules of the road is not enough. Being a good delivery person means being able to navigate through crowded or narrow streets, sometimes driving a challenging vehicle, or driving in unfamiliar areas for pickup or delivery. 

Even when the package or parcel is handed over to the recipient, the role of the delivery person does not end there. They also need to obtain signatures or an acknowledgement of receipt, and explain special instructions to their recipients if there are any, and even collect payments or coupons. Delivery persons also have a customer service role, where they take customer complaints and feedback. 

All things considered, the job of a delivery person is multifaceted. They need to have a pleasant demeanour, polite attitude and a goal oriented approach. 

Need Delivery Person Ads in Newspaper

Nowadays, thanks to the rapid advances in technology, more and more people are taking to online job portals to find job vacancies in the fields that they are interested in and qualified for. Along with online job portals, recruitment agencies and walk-in interviews are also popular channels of recruitment for companies and businesses seeking to hire delivery persons.

However, the one channel of recruitment that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. In a country like India where the newspaper is regarded as an authoritative and reliable source of information on a wide range of topics, people also rely on newspaper advertisements to find what they are looking for. 

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A typical ad for a delivery person would look like this:

“Needed delivery persons for reputed courier company in Bangalore. Attractive salary+ incentives. Contact: 8005010010.”

Are you looking for a counsellor? Book a newspaper ad today!

According to the dictionary definition, a counsellor is essentially a person who has the professional qualifications to guide and help people facing difficulties. These difficulties may be personal in nature, or they may be related to a person’s profession or education. 

Counselling is a process in which people talk about a problem or difficulty they are facing with a professionally trained and duly qualified individual who has the knowledge, insights, skills and the ability to suggest ways and means of dealing with the said problem or difficulty. Counselling, by its very nature, is a profession that is built on confidentiality, trust and without judgement or prejudice. 

As a process, counselling can provide people from all walks of life the opportunity to express their views, opinions and feelings without fear of judgement, and be heard and understood, and in turn be presented with new and different perspectives on the circumstances and situation that they are faced with. In turn, counselling helps to give people a sense of clarity and a better understanding of the problem at hand, as well as gaining knowledge on the possible ways of addressing and resolving the problem. Counsellors work with their clients with the goal of jointly working out solutions that result in a desirable outcome for the client. 

In today’s world, counselling is a highly specialised field that straddles several domains, with each domain requiring specialised and in-depth knowledge. Counselling is a specialty that is rooted in psychology and it seeks to focus on a host of aspects about a person, such as character traits, interactions with other people as well as the environment in general, educational advancement and career development, and a person’s attitudes, strengths and assets. 

Counselling, therefore, is a form of talk therapy that is conducted by professionals who not just share their opinions and suggestions, but are also great listeners and providers of support and encouragement. Counselling is built on trust, confidentiality and firmly based on a strict code of professional ethics. Counsellors need to be self aware and always eager to learn more about the people sitting across the table, while having the presence of mind to understand the situation being presented to them so that they can provide advice and guidance that best suits the needs of the client. Equally important are patience, mutual respect and a keen eye and ear for cues both subtle and obvious.    

recruitment ad for counsellor

To become a counsellor, one needs to have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in psychology. Alternatively, there are diplomas and certification courses that one needs to undergo to be qualified to work as a counsellor. Along with education, counsellors need to have a fair amount of practical experience with clients and helping them with real problems. 

Given the nature of this job, there is little wonder that counsellors are in such high demand today. In India, counselling can be one of numerous subfields, such as education counselling, career counselling, counselling therapy, health counselling, admissions counselling, financial counselling, to name a few. There are various opportunities for counsellors in India today, and those seeking vacancies in the field of counselling typically look for them on online job portals, professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, or newspapers.

Even though the world has gone digital, the importance of newspaper advertisements cannot be understated. In a country like India where newspapers are regarded as sources of reliable and authentic information on a wide range of topics, people search for vacancies in the fields that they are qualified for and have an interest in. 

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An ad in which candidates for the role of counsellor are needed would look like this:

“Student counsellor required for Central University, Bangalore. Applicants must have BA/BSc or MA/MSc in psychology, and at least 3 years experience. Send CV to”

Looking to hire a carpenter? Book a newspaper ad!

Given the fact that wood is one of the oldest materials used for building, carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the world. Carpentry is a skilled trade, craft or profession in which the cutting, shaping, installing, repair and modification of building materials is performed to construct a wide variety of fixtures and structures. 

These structures and fixtures may be residential, commercial or industrial. Carpenters generally work with wood, steel and concrete, and their work spans beyond mere installation and decoration. Carpenters are also engaged in maintenance, repair  and even the demolition of such structures and fixtures. Carpentry work can vary widely from making tables to installing doors to even the construction of bridges.

The duties of a carpenter are many and varied. Carpenters are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing various objects, such as doors, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, flooring, tiles and even walls. They are trained to perform their tasks in accordance with the best safety practices, as well as take good care of the tools and equipment they use so that they are always safe and in functional condition. Carpenters also conduct inspections of buildings and structures to cross check their integrity as well as identify potential problems and areas that are in need of repair work. 

In addition to alteration, cutting, shaping and building, carpenters also need to measure and mark materials with precision. 

All of these skills do not come overnight. Carpenters have to learn the skills and the finer points of this trade through rigorous practice and hard work. Carpenters, over time, gain a sharp eye for detail, become dexterous and develop the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. 

Along with these highly specialised skills, carpenters need to have a good physique, be physically fit and must be able to have a high level of endurance. They also need to be able to use power tools and other equipment, be comfortable using ladders and scaffolding, and be able to read and understand blueprints, diagrams and schematics.  

Job Ads for Carpenter in Newspaper

There is no doubt that finding the best carpenter can be one huge challenge. Nowadays, when people want carpentry work done, they will only want the finest craftsmanship by someone who is nothing less than a master carpenter. However, getting in touch with such a carpenter is time consuming, and time is at a premium. 

Even in today’s technologically advanced world where finding job vacancies is possible through online job portals and professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, personal contacts and word of mouth are also commonly used methods of finding a good carpenter. But, the one method that has not lost its value as a channel of recruitment is the classifieds section of a newspaper. 

In a country like India, newspapers occupy a very special place in the daily life of people. The newspaper is widely regarded as a reliable and dependable source of information on a wide variety of topics. People, therefore, rely on the classified ads section to get in touch with people who can help them get work done. 

In other words, if you have carpentry work that needs to be done, consider booking a recruitment ad in a newspaper. releaseMyAd is here to help you book your ads seamlessly and quickly. A typical advertisement seeking the services of a carpenter would look like this: “Urgently needed carpenter for flooring work at legacy hotel. Must be experienced using power tools. Contact: 8005027010.”