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In simple terms, a foundry is a factory in which metal castings are produced. To achieve this, metals are cast into various shapes after having melted them into a liquid and then pouring the molten metal into a mold. Aluminium and cast iron are the most commonly used metals in a foundry. Other metals and their alloys too, such as magnesium, zinc, brass, bronze and steel, are also utilised in the productions of castings in such establishments. Through the process of casting, metal parts of diverse shapes and sizes are made. 

One of the most fascinating facts about foundries is that they are one of the largest contributors to the recycling of manufactured goods. Metals and alloys that are extracted from the melting and recasting processes in foundries from the vast amounts of scrap metal that is collected is very useful in the production of durable goods.   

The foundries of today are highly mechanised, and are fully equipped with all the machines, tools and installations  – all arranged in a predesigned layout to ensure efficient performance – that include functions such as core making, casting as well as molding. The types of machinery that foundries are outfitted with or utilize include large sized melting furnaces, ladles, cranes, forklift trucks, conveyor belts, transfer vessels and many others. All these machines and equipment are specially designed in order to withstand the high heat in foundries and function effectively under such conditions. 

Foundry Manager Ads in Newspaper

The foundry manager is the person who is responsible to make sure that all the operations at the foundry are performed efficiently and effectively. It is the role of the foundry manager to ensure that the production output of the foundry is in compliance with the requirements of the company and stipulated quality standards, as well as within the budgets set for labour and materials. 

The foundry manager also identifies areas where methods, practices and procedures could be improved, and works closely with the general manager with the purpose of satisfactorily implementing the changes wherever necessary and/or possible. 

In addition to the above, it is also the duty of the foundry manager to ensure that all the health and safety regulations are adhered to, and must check that the organisation has its own protocols for safety in and around the foundry. 

The tasks that a foundry manager performs are various and multifaceted. The foundry manager also coordinates with technicians regarding maintenance procedures as well as routine checks to keep a check on the proper functioning of foundry machinery and equipment. 

A good foundry manager should ideally have a background in industrial management, and a background in engineering – specifically industrial engineering – will give them an edge. He must have excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills and must be able to work under pressure.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it has become easier than ever to hire foundry managers. People seeking work in this field are able to find work through online job portals, through professional social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), as well as job registries. Many also rely on personal and professional contacts. 

However, in India, the one recruitment channel that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. A recruitment advertisement in a newspaper is widely believed to be authentic and respectable. This is because of the stature that printed media – especially newspapers – enjoys in India. Newspapers are regarded as reliable and authentic sources of information, so if you are looking to hire a foundry manager, book a recruitment ad today!

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