What makes a marriage advertisement in newspaper useful? We tell you!

Marriage is one of the most important institutions of Indian culture and society. Being a country where tradition and culture are an integral part of the people’s identities and lifestyles, Indians celebrate marriages the same way festivals are celebrated. It is well known that weddings in India are nothing short of carnivals, with great fanfare, elaborate and vibrant decorations, prayers, rituals, delicious food, and lots of singing and dancing. The very institution of marriage is sacred in Indian culture, and therefore holds enormous significance for the people, especially for the bride, the groom and their respective family members. 

Through all the aforementioned activities, primarily through prayers, rituals and the solemnisation of the union between the bride and the groom, a new journey officially begins. For a large number of people in India, a marriage advertisement in newspaper is the first step.

The purpose of matrimonial ads is to enable people in their search for the most suitable prospective spouse, namely, a bride or a groom. Even though society in general has evolved a great deal, with many people today preferring to find their partners by themselves, finding one’s perfect match through the matrimonial columns in newspapers still remains the preferred choice for families across India. 

Matrimonial ads in newspaper

It goes without saying that though India has emerged as a digital superpower over the last few years, there are still sections of the Indian population who either have no access to, or the knowledge to operate modern day gadgets such as mobile phones and computers. For them, the newspaper matrimonial column is a necessity. 

However, even though the act of finding one’s perfect partner may involve personal choice, family members (especially parents) are deeply involved as a marriage does not merely entail the coming together of the bride and groom. A marriage entails so much more. It signifies the union of the respective families of the bride and the groom as well. 

As a result, matrimonial ads in newspapers serve a very important purpose. They are useful in helping people find their prospective spouses on the basis of their preferences as well as the preferences of their families. Unlike conventional ads in newspapers, matrimonial ads do not advertise products or services, and instead serve as a link between the respective families. 

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