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Why should you book a Hindustan Times name change ad? Let’s take a look at what makes Hindustan Times the ideal choice for you!

A household name when it comes to English language news journalism in India, Hindustan Times is a newspaper with a rich history. The newspaper was launched by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri in the year 1924, whose contributions had helped significantly in its playing an important role in India’s freedom struggle as a nationalist daily newspaper.

As of today, Hindustan Times is owned and published by HT Media Ltd., which is one of India’s finest media houses. The newspaper is the flagship publication of the media brand, and is one of the most highly respected English language newspapers in the country. Popular among millions of people across the length and breadth of India, Hindustan has earned the rank of being the No. 1 English language daily newspaper in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. 

Hindustan Times Name Change Ad

Having grown to become the first choice for a large number of readers, Hindustan Times is a newspaper with a large and loyal reader following. On any given day, it is estimated that Hindustan Times has more than 1.4 million copies of the newspaper in circulation on average, catering to a large, loyal and engaged reader base. The newspaper is estimated to be read by a total of more than 37 million people across the country.

Being the preferred source for all the latest news for many, Hindustan Times is an excellent choice for booking your name change ads. 

People may change their names for a large number of reasons. Sometimes people may want to take on a middle name or discard one, or they may change their surname after marriage, or change their surname back after a divorce. Others may want to change their name to something of their own choice, or if they feel that their current name is something that they do not feel best represents who they are as a person. 

In modern times, parents often give their children a combined surname, one that takes on the surnames of both the parents, while other people wish to change their name to that of a famous personality or a historical figure because of the profound impact they had on their lives. At other times, people may want to simply alter the spelling of their name. 

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