Find Your Soulmate – with a little help from Deccan Chronicle!

Deccan Chronicle was founded by Rajagopal Mudaliar in the 1930s, Deccan Chronicle has grown to become a highly respected English language daily newspaper in India. The newspaper is the largest selling English language daily in South India and has an estimated circulation of over 1.45 million copies per day. It is hugely popular in India’s southern states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Even though it primarily caters to its South Indian readers, Deccan Chronicle is widely read across the rest of India as well, with its total readership estimated to be well in excess of 1.1 million people. It is also a favourite among non-resident Indians living in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Singapore as it provides them with the latest news from back home.

Renowned for its top notch journalism and high quality reporting for over 7 decades, Deccan Chronicle provides readers with a vast selection of content spanning sports, lifestyle, technology, entertainment, among others. The newspaper has been widely hailed for its dispassionate and analytical coverage of the latest news and ongoing events from across the country as well as around the world, making it a brilliant choice for your Deccan Chronicle matrimonial ads.

Deccan Chrocnicle Matrimonial

Matrimonial advertisements are still the preferred method for a large number of Indian families to find the most suitable partner for their sons and daughters. Arranged marriages have been the tradition in India since time immemorial, and marriages are symbolic of the union between not just the bride and the groom, but also of their respective families. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on finding the right partner.

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