An Arthik Lipi newspaper ad can help you seize more business opportunities!

Arthik Lipi is a Bengali language daily newspaper that is based in Kolkata. Since its foundation, the newspaper has steadily grown to become one of the leading Bengali language newspapers in West Bengal, and is a widely preferred choice among Bengali speaking readers in the region. An Arthik Lipi newspaper ad, therefore, is a great way to get your message out to your audience.

In the year 2004, an English language newspaper by the name of ‘The Echo of India’ was launched “to reflect the people’s voice”. Its popularity as an unbiased and comprehensive source of all the latest news in English inspired the launch of Arthik Lipi, which is the Bengali language publication of The Echo of India group. In the year 2014, in keeping with the multilingual and cosmopolitan nature of India, started publishing a Hindi language daily newspaper as well, which was named ‘Info India’.

Arthik Lipi Classified Ad

As of today, all three publications are widely respected for their approach to journalism and news reporting, with Arthik Lipi being a favourite for many Bengali speaking readers. Arthik Lipi comprehensively covers all the latest news from across the length and breadth of West Bengal, eastern India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the rest of India and the world as a whole.

Every day, Arthik Lipi publishes editions of the newspaper from Kolkata, Siliguri and Port Blair, in order to get all the latest news stories to each and every one of its readers. The newspaper covers local, regional, national and international news as well as provides readers with a variety of stories and articles from various topics of interest. These topics include editorial content, life and variety, entertainment, food, technology, economy and business, sports and many more. 

This wide range of content is what keeps readers engrossed and engaged with the newspaper. Being a newspaper that offers stories and articles from diverse topics, Arthik Lipi is able to provide something of interest to every reader. Such a newspaper can be highly beneficial in helping you reach out to more people in the region, to help you gain greater visibility and influence, as well as increase revenue for your business. 

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