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A regional language newspaper with a rich and storied legacy, Ajit was originally founded in Amritsar as an Urdu language news weekly called Daily Ajit in the year 1941. In the next year, i.e. 1942, Daily Ajit became a daily newspaper and it began printing from Lahore, which was then still a part of undivided India.

However, when India became an independent country and Pakistan was formed as a new country, the headquarters of the newspaper were moved from Lahore, which came to be a part of Pakistan, to Jalandhar, which was in India. Correspondingly, the language of the newspaper was changed from Urdu to Punjabi, and it was in the year 1955 that it was renamed from Daily Ajit to Ajit Patrika. 

In the year 1957, the name of the newspaper was changed once again – this time to Ajit. This shortened name has remained the name of the newspaper ever since. 

In spite of its various transformations, Ajit has grown to become one of the most renowned and respected regional language news publications in India. Over the years, Ajit has become one of the most iconic names in Punjabi language journalism. Ajit is well loved by people across the length and breadth of Punjab and is even popular among Punjabi communities residing in various other parts of India as well. 

On any given day, it is estimated that Ajit has more than 4,16,000 copies of the newspaper in circulation on average. This large circulation helps it cater to its large reader base for whom the newspaper is an important source of all the latest news from the region, the rest of India and around the world. 

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In Indian culture, a marriage does not merely signify the coming together of the bride and the groom, but also signifies the union of their respective families as well. For this reason, families place great importance on finding the perfect bride or the perfect groom. 

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