How to Sell Newspaper Ads to a Skeptic ?

In an Age where Digital Marketing is a popular option for posting Ads, Advertisers are naturally becoming skeptical about newspaper advertising. Selling a newspaper ad nowadays to a skeptical person successfully is pretty much similar to selling a Refrigerator to an Eskimo. Not all of us can be as smart as the salesman in the above picture. 

So, how do we make this possible? How do we sell a newspaper ad to a skeptical person?

 It can be a good idea to try the following tips that can bring you luck:

1.  Be well-informed- Know your product very well.  All the features and benefits must be known to you thoroughly to answer all the queries of the Client satisfactorily. This will help the Customer to consider your proposals.

Online Ad Booking in Newspaper

2.  Know the customer- Know the Customer and his buying habits. Understand how to align your product with the overall requirements of the customer. Let us suppose you know that your Client posts many Ads during a particular time of a year for certain reasons, approach him before that so that he can remember you while booking the Ads this time.

3.  Be Confident- Be confident about what you are offering. Believe in the values of the Company and its products. No one can sell anything successfully unless he believes in it. A lack of confidence can ruin a good prospect of doing business.

4. Provide appropriate information- Be transparent while doing business. Give them appropriate and enough information about your company and the product for the customer to understand properly. Never hold yourself back from disclosing essential data. Be true and never exaggerate, try to build faith in the minds of your customers with honesty. Talking too much and delivering less is of no use but performing or over-performing according to whatever you have told him will surely help you.

5. Provide Discounts- Provide offers and discounts that would fascinate him. Everybody likes to get a bit more on their purchase, by providing him this benefit you can surely mold his thoughts to your advantage.

Give them details about how the Newspaper Ad industry is doing well instead of all the criticisms. You can show them reports from recent surveys that support your views. Explain how the Experts in the Market are predicting growth here, research and study as much as possible to equip yourself with sufficient and correct answers.