Wondering how to advertise in the City Life supplement of Sandesh newspaper! Now book online easily

Sandesh newspaper is owned by The Sandesh Limited. Launched in 1923, it is said to be the first newspaper in Gujarat. Its first edition was published in pre-Independence India. In the  list of most read newspapers, Sandesh ranked in the nineteenth position. And it is the second most read Gujarati newspaper, according to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2017 report.

City life being the most popular supplement of Sandesh newspaper. It  has always remained in the top priority list of every advertiser due to its huge readership figures which is around 10.35 million.

Publishing an ad in the City Life supplement of Sandesh newspaper  is comparatively much cheaper than the main newspaper. It covers fashion trends, lifestyle, beauty, travel, cuisine, health & fitness.  Due to its huge readership figures placing a display advertisement in the City Life pullout section makes an opportunity for advertisers to promote their fashion & healthcare brands more effectively in a short period of time.

Keeping that in mind that every city has its unique features, fashion trends, entertainment & readership figures, it has seven editions for the cities of Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Rajkot, Baroda, Bhuj, and Bhavnagar.

There is no such specific day for placing an advertisement in City Life supplement of Sandesh newspaper. You can easily book the ad on any day but the ad should be booked two days prior to the publishing date. 

Display Ads in Sandesh City Life Pullout

Booking an ad through releseMyAd is easy as it helps us to customize the ad size as per the requirement. For this, we must know the page sizes of each newspaper, for instance, if we are looking forward to placing an ad in full-page then the size is 25.5 cm (w) x 26 cm (h), for half page the size is 25.5 cm (w) x 15 cm (h). The minimum size requirement for booking an ad in the City life supplement  is 4 cm (w) x 4 cm (h).

Price for the display advertisement not only depends on how eye-catching and visually appealing it appears to the audiences but also it depends on the page preference. The cost is comparatively higher if you wish to place your ad in front, back, or the third page to enhance your ad’s viewership. Secondly if your ad matter exceeds, the minimum ad size which is 4 cm (w) x 4 cm (h) then the cost will be higher.For further queries about ad pricing, ad creative designing, matter composing and budgeting, you can call/ WhatsApp us on the numbers 9356222541 / 9830629298,  you can also visit our website for a 24×7 live chat option for quick support. For more details drop us an email at: book@releasemyad.com.